2020 TEMA Fall Forum - Virtual - 10/8-9/20

This is a separate 2-day virtual event that is designed to meet the educational needs and busy schedules of all those responsible for your municipality’s emergency management program, including elected officials, municipal managers, road crew/public works personnel, and emergency management coordinators (EMCs).

This class provides an interactive opportunity to engage in tabletop exercises taught by knowledgeable professionals that reflect real-world experiences and situations you are likely to face. We encourage your emergency management team to attend this interactive and informative session so they can learn new ways of improving your local emergency management program.

Day 1 will include discussions on the following items in preparation for the Day 2 exercises: reviewing the important parts of your Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and the status of your Emergency Operations Center (EOC); staffing your Emergency Management Team; identifying the responsibilities each staff will be assigned during an emergency; updating your baseline Threat Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) to ensure you are planning for all possible hazards; meeting your township's individual and organizational training requirements; and the necessity of the EMC to constantly improve your notification and resource manual. 

Day 2 will be devoted to a facilitated tabletop exercise scenario that will help you and your team evaluate the township's current emergency readiness posture for a widespread power outage. Discussion topics will include: 

  • When the power is out at your facility are you sure your fuel delivery company can fill your generator? What do they do when they don’t have power? Can you pay for fuel after hours? What happens when the fuel delivery companies don’t have fuel? 

What to ask your fuel delivery companies to ensure they are able to supply you during an emergency as well as how to get assistance if they can’t. We will also talk about existing resources available to develop a liquid fuels emergency plan and efforts underway to coordinate with local and county governments on liquid fuels preparedness. 

Using the after-action insight gained from this exercise, your team can then begin developing a corrective action plan to address any identified gaps in your emergency readiness. 

Oct. 8:            Topic: 

0900               Welcome

                                   James Wheeler, Manager, Township Emergency Management Association
                                   Pa. State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS) TEMA@PSATS.org

0905               Preparation for Exercise

                                   Greg Doyle, Emergency Management Specialist Eastern Area Office
                                   Pa. Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) grdoyle@pa.gov

1200               Adjourn


Oct. 9:           Topic: 

0900              Welcome

                                   James Wheeler, Manager, Township Emergency Management Association
                                   Pa. State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS) TEMA@PSATS.org


0905              TTX Exercise (Widespread Power Outage/Energy Security and Preparedness)

                                   Brian Moore, Director Emergency Response
                                   PA Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) briamoore@pa.gov

1030                           Dan Searfoorce, Manager, 
                                   Water, Reliability and Emergency Preparedness Division
                                   PA Public Utility Commission (PUC) dsearfoorc@pa.gov

1115                           Arthur D. Kaplan, CEM, PCP, Senior Professional The Kaplan Group, Inc.
                                  Community Information & Training Associates akaplan@cita.vpweb.com


DATE:       October 8-9, 2020

                 Class:   9:00 AM – 12:00 PM  (each day)


                - Member: $  99.00*
                - Non-Member $ 125.00

          *PSATS Member = Registrant has paid current annual membership dues to PSATS or one of its professional associations (e.g., Township Emergency Management Association, Township Engineers Association, Township Planners Association, Township Solicitors Association, or the Pa. Assoc. of Zoning Officials).


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All sessions will be held at ADA-accessible locations. If you require alternate format, sign language, or have other needs, please contact PSATS directly.

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