#903 Onlot Sewage System Operations and Maintenance - SEO

During this 1.5 hour webinar, attendees will review the operation and maintenance (O&M) inspections of an onlot sewage system. The webinar will explain when O&M inspections are required, review etiquette while on an inspection, cover the basics of collecting labs samples, describe the minimum equipment needed to conduct an inspection, review safety and liability issues, and review the O&M inspections for the following system components: tanks, filter and filter tanks, distribution, and absorption areas.

By attending the webinar, you will be able to:

Explain why an SEO would perform an operation and maintenance (O&M) inspection.

  • Explain when O&M inspections are required.
  • Discuss etiquette
  • Explain the basics of lab samples
  • Describe the minimum equipment needed to complete an O&M inspection.
  • Review safety and liability issues
  • Review O&M inspections for the following:
    • Tanks
    • Filter and Filter Tanks
    • Distribution
    • Absorption Areas

 2 DEP Approved Credits 

Registration Fee:
                Member* -  $50.00
                Non-Member –  $60.00


           *PSATS Member (registrant has paid current annual membership dues to PSATS or its affiliates (solicitors, engineers, planners and emergency management association.)