On-Demand Webinar - Economic Ecology™ Community Based Compliance for Floodplain Restoration

Economic Ecology™ is a comprehensive approach to meeting regulatory compliance by effectively utilizing resources. Case studies will reveal how a strategic floodplain restoration project can maximize pollutant reductions, create numerous environmental benefits and provide financial incentives for communities. Included is an overview of a proven approach to achieving PRP compliance, actual measurable results and a how-to on leveraging partnerships to create opportunities and fund projects. 

A PowerPoint presentation will be utilized to provide a visual overview of the floodplain restoration approach and a review of case studies using photos and drone footage. The measurable results will be presented in the form of data and visuals. An overview and website link to a free Economic Ecology™ interactive training course that was developed for the Municipal Online Stormwater Training (MOST) Center will be provided to participants to complete in their free time.  

Eligible for 1 PMGA Planning/Zoning Point

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