On-Demand Webinar - Financing Township Infrastructure Projects through PENNVEST

If your township is looking for ways to pay for much-needed infrastructure repairs, replacements or upgrades, then don’t miss this webinar. You will learn about all of the opportunities that PENNVEST offers in terms of project financing, including for wastewater and drinking water treatment plants, line replacements, stormwater and MS4, non-point source pollution, onlot system repairs, agriculture best management practices, and brownfields, as well as the ways that your township can best position itself to get project financing approval.

** Eligible for 1 PMGA Planning point

Registration Fee:

    Member* -  $30.00

    Non-Member –  $40.00

               *PSATS Member = Registrant has paid current annual membership dues to PSATS or one of its professional associations (e.g., Township Emergency Management Association, Township Engineers Association, Township Planners Association, Township Solicitors Association, or the Pa. Assoc. of Zoning Officials).

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