On-Demand Webinar - The Township Official in 2022: Your Role in Meeting the Challenges

This session will feature discussion on some of the issues that Township officials routinely face, as well as challenges unique to the last two years.  Some of the topics that will be addressed in this webinar will include:

  *   Addressing resident complaints (e.g., “The plow operator took down my mailbox – again”; “My neighbor doesn’t shovel his sidewalk”; “The shed on the property next door is encroaching on my yard…”)
  *   Municipal liability, including ice and snow on roads, potholes, sidewalk hazards, and trees in rights-of-way.
  *   The conversation on use of American Rescue Plan monies, with a broader discussion of budgeting, wish lists, and “needs vs. wants”
  *   Meeting procedure in a sometimes less than civil environment

 *   Act 65 amendments to the Sunshine Act, agendas, and minutes.

The interactive presentation will be moderated by Joan London, Esquire from Kozloff Stoudt Attorneys, Berks County.  Whether you are a newly elected Supervisor, or you have served your Township for year, your perspective will provide an important learning experience for all.

Qualifies for 1 PMGA Administration Point 

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