PSATS' Regional Forum - Erie County - (Virtual) - 7/29-30/20 & 8/5/20

Recorded On: 07/29/2020

In the PSATS (Virtual) Regional Forum - Erie, learn about a variety of issues that matter to your community from the comfort of your office or home. The agenda for this forum, which will be held over three days, is below:

Wednesday, 7/29

12:30-1:30 pm – Pennsylvania Fire Service Challenges: 2020 and Beyond

The volunteer fire service is critical to the public safety of Pennsylvania, and the most successful township-based systems promote cooperation between the township and the volunteer fire company. In this session, Jerry Ozog will share new information from the 2019 Fire Chiefs Survey conducted by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Fire & Emergency Services Institute. In addition, attendees will learn about best practices for developing positive relationships with volunteer fire companies, basic performance measures, examples of successful systems, and why strategic planning for the fire service is critical.

 Jerry Ozog, Pennsylvania Fire & Emergency Services Institute


1:45-2:45 pm – Marijuana and the Law – What Municipal Employers Need to Know

This is a comprehensive overview of the status of marijuana in the workplace. We will address all aspects of both medical and recreational marijuana use and its impact on municipal employers.  We will cover specifically adapting existing policies to address substance abuse, handling accommodation options and disciplining and terminating employees for legal marijuana use.

 Gery Nietupski, Esquire, Law Offices of Gery T. Nietupski


3::00-4:00 pm – A Guide to Everyday HR Challenges

As employment litigation rises, every municipal employer has to understand the nuts and bolts of proper HR process and procedure.  We will review, discuss and explore hiring processes, employer handbooks, wage and benefit issues, workplace behavior concerns and updates on current legislation affecting our townships.

Gery Nietupski, Esquire, Law Offices of Gery T. Nietupski


Thursday, 7/30

8:30-9:30 am – Northwest DEP Q&A

Get caught up on a wide variety of environmental matters impacting townships, from brining roads to stormwater and more.

 Kimberly Yeakle, Local Government Liaison, Department of Environmental Protection


9:45-10:45 am – Township Contracts 101

In this session you will learn about the terms and conditions your townships should include in contracts to better protect the township and its financial resources.

Mark Shaw, Esquire, MacDonald Illig


11:00 am-12:00 pm – How Flex Base Paving Can Stretch Your Township Dollars

The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted or prevented a lot of municipal road projects this spring and summer. In this session, learn about how to use flex base paving as a cost-effective tool to get your roads into better shape this fall.

Corinne Chalovich, Senior Sales and Technical Support Manager, Russell Standard Corporation


Wednesday 8/5

12:30-1:30 pm – Managing Wireless Facilities in ROW

To prepare for 5G, wireless companies are accelerating the installation of new poles and antennas in the public rights-of-way.  This seminar will: 1) describe the industry’s efforts and the facilities they are deploying; 2) explain in plain language your municipality’s legal rights under federal and state law; 3) recommend steps to prepare your municipality for wireless facilities applications; and 4) discuss how to handle these applications during the coronavirus crisis.  This session will also update attendees on recent developments at the FCC, the PA General Assembly, and the PA Courts regarding wireless facilities regulation.

 Dan Cohen, Esquire, Cohen Law Group


1:45-2:45 pm – Broadband Topic



3:00-4:00 pm – Municipal Jeopardy

This lively and fun session, based on the classic TV game show, will test your knowledge of key aspects of municipal operations.

Scott E. Coburn, Esquire, Counsel & Education Director, PSATS


Once you register, you will get an registration email that contains a link to access all of the sessions for each day. 



               July 29 - July 30, 2020 and August 5, 2020

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