Steering Through Difficult Township Situations - Virtual Class - 1/24/23

Elected and appointed officials are often asked to solve problems that are either not within their authority to solve or where the proposed “solution” might create negative unintended consequences for the municipality.  Navigating these difficult issues requires skill, diplomacy and, often patience.

The election is over.  New Supervisors have been elected after a contentious campaign.  Many promises were made, many of them impossible or downright illegal to fulfill.   The newly elected Supervisors were not involved in local government prior to their election.  What can you, as the Manager/Secretary do to inform these new Supervisors about their roles and responsibilities?

An application for a Sheetz gas station/convenience store is proposed in a location where it is a permitted use.  A vocal group of residents and local businesses are vehemently opposed and will be attending the next meeting of the Board of Supervisors.   How do you prepare the Board for the meeting?  What do you tell the residents?

New residents have moved to the Township to escape high taxes.  The new residents quickly realize that they miss paved roads, sidewalks and parks, streetlights, and a Police Department.  The Board is facing pressure to provide additional services but don’t want to raise taxes.    They understand that services cost money, but they are asking you to come up with a plan to deal with the newbies.  What’s your plan?

 Through case studies and checklists, the instructors at this virtual class will discuss best practices and ethical behavior when confronted with difficult issues.  Topics will include the roles of the elected officials, the administrator and other employees as they steer a course that may lead to the best possible outcomes.  Registrants will be invited to submit issues in advance that are currently facing their municipality.

For Elected and appointed officials, Secretaries, Managers and Treasurers who have taken Basic Secretary/Administrators Training; and/or have more than five (5) years of municipal experience. 

Qualifies for 3 PMGA Administration Point


               January 24, 2023


                9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

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                Non-Member –  $75.00


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