Virtual Class - On-Demand - QuickBooks Virtual Training Series

In this 5-part virtual classroom series, Diana Patton will review how to tackle all sorts of common (and not-so-common) QuickBooks tasks – from bookkeeping and accounting basics to using accounts payable to handling payroll and taxes – applicable to municipal government. If you have responsibility for managing your municipality’s QuickBooks files, you will not want to miss this virtual class series, which is made more convenient because you can participate and learn from the comfort of your home or office.

Below is a summary of each session:

 Bookkeeping & Accounting Basics for QuickBooks (4/29/20, 2:00 pm)

   a) Accounting Basics
   b) Governmental Fund Types
   c) Assets, Liabilities & Equity
   d) Understanding How the Chart of Accounts Works
   e) Understanding Double Entry Accounting
   f) Debit & Credit Exercise
   g) Monthly Accounting

A Deep Dive into the DCED Chart of Accounts (5/6/20, 2:00 pm)

   a) Your COA and the DCED Audit Report
   b) Review of Account Types
   c) Formatting your COA to Match the Audit
   d) How to Customize your reports

Using Accounts Payable and Sales Receipts (5/13/20, 2:00 pm)

   a) Transitioning into Modified Accrual 
   b) Entering Bills and Paying Bills (A/P)
   c) Credits from Vendors and how to apply them
   d) The Method Behind Sales Receipts
   e) Creating Your Item List
   f) Entering Sales Receipts
   g) Understanding “Undeposited Funds”
   h) Making Deposit

Payroll, Taxes and E-filing (5/20/20, 2:00 pm)

   a) The Payroll Item List
   b) Special Deductions and Withholdings
   c) Setting up Vacation, Sick and PTO
   d) Setting up Liability Schedules and E-pay
   e) Trouble shooting “overdue” liabilities
   f) Registering for E-filing
   g) Payroll Reports

Tips, Tricks and Favorite Features (5/27/20, 2:00 pm)

   a) Recording outside Payroll
   b) Looking for A/P and A/R Discrepancies
   c) Merging names in Lists
   d) Uncleared Checks-To Void or Not
   e) Setting Closing Dates
   f) Reports and Memorizing Groups

If you aren’t able to attend all of the virtual sessions when they are held live, don’t worry because all sessions will be recorded for later viewing by registrants.

This virtual classroom course is eligible for 6 PMGA Administration points                                  


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                Non-Member –  $ 175.00
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